Taking aesthetic cues from Lovecraftian horror and pop-noir narratives (FBI supernaturals), Doctrines presents a sporadic urban environment where volatile organisms and sentient objects coexist. Within such an existentially charged ecosystem, these strange vessels communicate in unpredictable ways. Commodified items with mirror-like properties begin to collectively function as an interface for sentient communication. Simultaneously tormented and consoled by these entities is their owner and the film’s protagonist, a lone human body carrying a seemingly abnormal condition. This otherness, so physically manifested and chronic, is diligently hidden from the world at large. The only empathy it receives is the form of a spectral daemon. Propelled by intimations of illness, abjection, and moody pop’s invitation into satire, Doctrines is an anti-combustible endoscopy of ‘wilderness’.
4K video, single-channel screening or installation / colour / sound / 2019
7 min

Co-created with Christian Kingo
Cast: Loveday Smith, Geert Dekkers, Maria Shchensnyak, & Panagiotis Englezos

Nominated for the 'Best Original Work’ prize at the EYE Filmmuseum's "Eye on Art Research Labs", 2019.

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