Blue Trapezium taps on a spacial analogy which draws from the peculiar location of the brain in every human body. We often speak of knowledge as a light, but the locus and engine of all understanding resides in the dark enclosed space of a skull. From that space, the physical and mental actions (and their results) of any individual, are generated. It is the idiosyncratic textures of perception, assimilation, memory, and the permeability of the self that underscore the nature of this work.

The narratives of Blue Trapezium are set in a nowhere place. This setting evokes a bRAve nEw woRLD informed by the discoveries of neuroscience and the quickly evolving “collisions” that occur in our networks. It is an elastic space characterised by the dynamics of deconstruction - a fragmented, endlessly shifting context.
HD video, single-channel screening / colour / sound
30 min

Co-created with Christian Kingo
Cast: Ruby Thiagarajan, Loveday Smith, Kumiko Sekimoto, David Klein, Eddie Kagie, Jay Pothof, Michael Lennhaden

This project is made possible with the support of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie as part of the program Stedelijk Stage-it | Rietveld Uncut: What Is Happening To Our Brain?